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Meet Aiden.


Meet Aiden.


Each morning, four-year-old Aiden finds a favorite book and sits in a reading spot he created with his parents, Stephanie and Eric. It’s part of their ritual before dropping Aiden off at Wee Care Childcare Center, a United Way partner.


“I’ve learned a lot about being a better parent because of Wee Care. Seeing him pick up books and read at Wee Care makes us want to do this at home. We figured out how to make books part of his day.”-Aiden's Mom


Because of sliding fees provided by United Way’s support, both Stephanie and Eric can work full-time. Without the help, quality childcare would be out of reach.

“Without the sliding fees at Wee Care, we would not be able to afford a childcare center. We would have to seek a lower quality option. That’s great for infants and toddlers, but older children need more. My child deserves more.” - Aiden's Mom


A quality day care center helps shape children for kindergarten. They arrive at kindergarten ready to learn and make good choices. They learn how to behave in a learning environment. With a quality childcare experience, they can move ahead when entering school.