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Have you met ALICE?

You may not know it, but the answer is yes. In fact, you know many ALICEs. 

ALICE is an acronym that stands for:


Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed


Ohio United Way just released their latest ALICE Report on financial insecurity in Ohio. The report provides a comprehensive picture of financial need across Ohio

that shows more information than just the Federal poverty guideline. Before the study, ALICE was a population without a name and a face. 


ALICE represents the men and women of all ages and races who get up each day to go to work, but who aren't sure the will be able to put dinner on the table each night.

The ALICEs that you may know could be your child's daycare or preschool teacher, mechanic, home health aid, store clerk, and office assistant. Each of the ALICEs you

may know are essential to you and ou community's success.


Sadly, the number of ALICEs living in Wayne and Holmes County--living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to afford life's basic necessities--far exceeds official

Federal poverty statistics.


Read the full report

Read the executive summary (Wayne and Holmes Counties are included last two pages.)