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Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors:

Lisa Reichert - President

Wells Fargo Advisors

Member since 2011.


"I enjoy being involved in the community to help make a difference."


Pam Zanone - Vice President

United Titanium, Inc.

Member since 2012.

"I believe in what United Way does for our communities and how they do it. Being both a United Way donor and a board member,

I'm part of something better and larger than just me. Together, we are continuing to make our area a great place to live."


Marc Harvey - Treasurer

The Commercial & Savings Bank

Member since 2015.



"I appreciate being connected with an organization where the sole purpose is the enrichment and betterment of others.

I have found my greatest fulfillment in helping others achieve, grow, and improve their lives both professionally and personally."


Greg Buehler - Board Member

E&H Family Group, Inc.

Member since 2014.

"Being a part of the United Way team shapes both the change and impact to our community in a positive way.

I appreciate having the opportunity to give back to Wayne and Holmes Counties."

Carolyn Buxton - Board Member

The College of Wooster

Member since 2012.



"The College of Wooster is a pillar in our community, an institution committed to service. 

I am proud to be of service through our United Way."


Dan Calvin - Board Member

Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston, Ltd.

Member since 2015.



"I am very passionate about how United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties accomplishes its mission of serving those in need from our community."


Stephanie Campbell - Board Member 

Campbell Construction

Member since 2013.


"I started participating with the allocation process in 2009. Through that process, I was exposed to all of our community partners and the awesome work

they do to help our community improve."


H. Stewart Fitz Gibbon III - Board Member 


Member since 2016.


"As a community banker, I believe in walking the talk of community service in a collaborative and effective way. I've been involved with United Way

for many years as a donor, allocations volunteer, and now, board member, because I believe in the demonstrated ability and newly focused mission

of United Way to make life better for those in our community who are most in need."


Jennifer Dale Fox - Board Member

The PNC Financial Services Group

Member since 2015.


"I am proud to be a part of a group of people who are trying to understand the causes of poverty and striving to help those who want to rise above it."


Richard Graziano - Board Member

The Village Network

Member since 2014.


"I am excited to work in partnership with our community leaders to channel creative energy that will strengthen the United Way's mission

to do meaningful work for our community. A brighter future is ours to build!"


Kathryn Helmuth - Board Member

Akron Children's Pediatrics of Wooster

Member since 2013.


"I am very happy to be finding ways to improve the lives of families and children in Wayne and Holmes Counties."


Nancy Lakes - Board Member

J. M. Smucker

Member since 2012.

"I appreciate that when we pool our resources together, we can make a bigger difference and accelerate the impact.

I am pleased that we are listening to the community and have been moved by the stories of personal impact."


Cameron Maneese - Board Member

Wayne County, Family and Children First

Member since 2014.

"The United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties is embarking on a bold initiative that will use our community's collective energy and effort to achieve.

If successful, the lives of many will be improved forever. I wouldn't want to miss being a part of this work."


Scott Myers - Board Member

City of Wooster

Member since 2016.


"United Way utilizes established professional processes to determine the most effective directives to serve the needs of our community.

As a supporter, I count on their due diligence, assessment, and recommendations. I am confident that they appropriate resources the best way possible.

I am glad to join the United Way board to help those in our community and our counties who need a helping hand from time to time."


Terry Snoddy - Immediate Past President & Board Member

The Ohio State University

Member since 2012.



"I feel that it is important to give back to the community in which you live. Serving on the United Way Board is a great way to be exposed

to the needs of our community at various levels. No one person can do it all. It takes us all!"


Christy VanSickle - Board Member


Member since 2011.


"I am proud to have served and led the allocation process for more than six years. I believe in the United Way mission.

It's a wonderful way to learn about the community and has opened doors for volunteer opportunites for myself, my staff, and my company.

I ended my term on another board and asked if I could serve on the United Way board."


Mary West - Board Member

Major Mary's Concierge

Member since 2009.


"Serving on the United Way board gives me the ability to see the bigger picture in my community. I am most proud of what hasn't happened yet.

The new direction and mission of moving people out of poverty is what I am sure I will be most proud of.

I'm proud to be a part of the group that sees this as a necessity."


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