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What if a single act of kindess could transform someone's life?

Let's celebrate the values of kindness and caring for others which make our community unique.

We want to showcase just how important being kind to each other really is. We're bringing visibility to our already caring community. Let's keep it going!



  1. Track 10 acts of kindness on this postcard. Click here to print. You can mail it in or drop it by.
  2. Or you can submit your act of kindness below in our trusty-rusty web form.
  3. Or you can text KINDNESS to 40403 and tell us how you are helping make our community great.
  4. Share your kindness on Facebook or Twitter. @uwwhbop #unitedwayaok


  1. Each Friday, beginning October 14 and ending November 18, United Way will hold a prize drawing. 
  2. United Way will notify prize winners.
  3. Prize drawings will end on Friday, November 18. However, we will continue to collect and count acts of kindness beyond that date. Help us count 10,000 acts of kindness!
  4. Questions? Call Emily McNeil at 330-264-5576 or email her.


Kindness Highlights:

I was driving by the corner of Liberty and Market. Two people were standing there with Black Lives Matter signs.

I had to be somewhere rather quickly, but on my way back, I stopped and bought them hot chocolate.


This happened to me: I was at a local dining establishment. I ran into someone I knew. When I went to pay,

the bar tender informed me that the people I was visiting with had paid for my drinks. Thank you! 


My colleague said thank you to me the other day. It was the first time in NINE YEARS that someone said thank you to me.

It makes a difference when someone expresses their gratitude!

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