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Our Mission

Our Mission Statement:
Mobilizing community resources to help people measurably improve their lives.

The United Way has accomplished a great deal in Wayne and Homes Counties. With your help, we have continued to:

  • Invest in our children's futures by increasing school readiness and providing quality out-of-school time,

  • Empower family and financial stability with ensuring families have the tools and skill-sets needed,

  • Strengthen our community's health by ensuring low-income residents have access to health care, including substance abuse and mental health services,

  • Respond to core emergency situations by ensuring families have enough food, shelter and clothing as they work towards building a better life.

We are proud of what we have accomplished and want to be better.  Therefore, our Mission has become issue-focused. Why?

Over the last year, we have researched and involved our community citizens and leaders in identifying the main issue that plagues our community.  That main issue is poverty in Wayne and Holmes Counties.  Now, we as a community, can make intentional choices to move our community forward. 

It isn't about something shiny or new or complex, but instead it is about building something that works better, leads to better results, and create a better pathway forward for our community.

It is important for you as a citizen of our community to embrace our BOLD GOAL, and help make productive changes to reduce poverty by 10,000 by 2025!