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United Way Success Stories

Our Local Success Stories

MY UNITED WAY gives people opportunities to succeed.

One of the ways we measure success is by changing lives.  

These stories are a testiment to the difference our communities make when we come together to reduce poverty.

MY UNITED WAY helped me bring up my grades.

“I used to miss every single assignment... Now, I am okay with stepping out of my comfort zone. I have overcome some real rough spots. And I’m finishing my homework!

-Dakota Morris, Age 13

Read more about Dakota's story.

Hear Dakota's story in her own words. (video)

MY UNITED WAY gave me my life back.

"I never thought I would need help. But last year, my children and I escaped domestic violence. Dozens of families, people I didn’t know, from Wayne County and OneEighty’s Shelter and Housing programs, helped us start over. It’s a blessing to be part of sucha caring community.”

-Anonymous for Safety (Read more about this story).


MY UNITED WAY helps me stay involved with my community.

"We live in a beautiful community and, on the surface, it appears we are thriving. But there are many who struggle. United Way works on the biggest issues that drive poverty in our community. They help me see the big picture, and I feel part of the solution."

- Loren H., OSU Employee





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