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Dakota's Story

“I used to miss every single assignment... Now, I am okay with stepping out of my comfort zone. I have overcome some real rough spots. And I’m finishing my homework!”
-Dakota Morris, Age 13


Grade 5, age 11-those are pivotal years for most kids growing up in Wooster. For Dakota, grade 5 and 6 were especially difficult. “I used to miss every single assignment,” Dakota quipped.  Fear of making mistakes and being easily frustrated was at the top of her list.  Learning to cope with barriers is a learned skill for each of us. For Dakota, she found her path to develop to these skills. Her path led to the Wooster Boys and Girls Club at Edgewood Middle School.

She started out receiving tutoring and homework assistance. Dakota’s grades quickly rose from this help.  But Dakota also developed her character and
built life skills. “The Boys and Girls Club staff coached me in facing my fears, organizing my school work and overcoming set backs. I don’t feel set backs anymore. These skills, and the homework help, built up my self-esteem, “ a confident Dakota states.

After showing leadership and demonstrating personal growth, Dakota was recognized for her accomplishments and was awarded Youth of the Year in 2015, the new club’s first recipient.
Dakota’s parents were especially proud of their daughter’s accomplishments. “The Club helped our entire family. Having the extra tutoring and being at school to complete homework took the stress off of her Dad and I. We help her with what we can.”, Dakota’s mother Crystal mentioned.

Looking to the future, Dakota acknowledges the Club taught her some life lessons. “I’m okay stepping out of my comfort zone. I tackled and overcame some rough spots. I am prepared as much as I can be for High School.”
For a 13-year old, that’s seems like an appropriate line of sight.