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Debbie's Story

MY UNITED WAY gave me my life back.

"I never thought I would need help. But last year, my children and I escaped domestic violence. Dozens of families, people I didn’t know, from Wayne County and OneEighty’s Shelter and Housing programs, helped us start over.
“It’s a blessing to be part of such a caring community.”

-Anonymous for Safety (Debbie is a fictious name.)

My two children and I went to One Eighty in August last year to escape Domestic Violence.  At the beginning all I needed was a safe place for my children.  While in the shelter I received counseling and other support. All I wanted was to find a job, get my kids in school and create a routine. I wanted to feel normal.

To get my life back, I took classes in money management, how to save money on groceries and budgeting. Once I found a job we moved from the shelter into an apartment.  When you’re in the Housing Assistance program like I was, my rent was based on my income. This helped me find stable housing, keep working and create a small savings—all at the same time.

Going through a crisis also exposed me to hundreds of acts of kindness. A kind family from Orrville charged me little for a decent vehicle.  Dozens of families from throughout Wooster and Wayne County donated furniture and other household items so we can furnish our first apartment.  And others helped with after-school activities so that I wouldn’t miss work. I never thought I would ever need help. People I didn’t know helped me.  Along with the support from One Eighty’s Shelter and Housing programs, life is good. It’s a blessing to be part of a caring community.”