On April 25, 2019

We partnered with Community Action Wayne Medina and the Salvation Army Wooster to host a Bridges Out of Poverty workshop for professionals and community members. About 30 participants - from all walks of life - including: teachers, hospital officials, law enforcement and social workers gathered to learn about generational and situational poverty and social cognitive theory.

Our instructors were Olufemi Olugmiro and Cassie Shaum, both of Community Action Wayne Medina. They both shared their personal journeys through and with poverty and encouraged the participants to be bridge builders. Olufemi shared an African proverb: " If you are a bridge builder, you have to go where the river is, and you can't be afraid of the river."

We also learned how important it is to ask people what they need, and not assume we know what they need. That sometimes people just want us to listen and not fix the problem. Here was a great video they shared to express this point:

This workshop digs deep and unveils a lot of hidden rules in all classes of society. One of the key points is about collaboration, and making sure everyone has a seat at the table. If you missed this workshop, I encourage you to check our events page for upcoming classes.

Katie Koglman Staff

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